CILT's Reflections on "Uniting People, Technology and Powerful Ideas for Learning": Five Years of Knowledge Networking in Learning Sciences and Technologies

Overview and Objectives

The Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CILT) was created in September 1997 as a distributed center designed to stimulate research on innovative, technology-enabled solutions to critical problems in K-14 learning. In addition to the lessons learned from CILT's theme-based activities—both the ones that have led to significant new ideas and developments for the learning sciences and technologies community and others that did not work as we had hoped—CILT has developed an effective infrastructure and set of mechanisms for moving the field forward.

The goal of the proposed Structured Poster Session is for the CILT leadership and post-doc team to share the major lessons learned from CILT's work and to discuss possible next steps for the field to institutionalize aspects of what has been learned. We will present lessons learned within CILT's themes (Visualization and Modeling; Design Principles; Ubiquitous Computing; Assessments for Learning; Community Tools; Industry Alliances; Cross-project Synergy) and discuss how CILT's four mechanisms (post-doctoral scholars; workshops; seed grants; netcourses) foster the growth of the field's capacity to tackle the complexities of learning sciences and technology R&D in an effective cross-sector and interdisciplinary manner. The interactive format will encourage suggestions for actions to be taken by CILT researchers and others, and identify possible collaborations to be pursued.